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The Kissimmee River Valley Boys
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The Kissimmee River Valley Boys Live!

The Kissimmee River Valley Boys are a high-energy cowboy trio thatís as unbridled and expansive as the Frontier West. Their singing features cowboy favorites as well as contemporary songs with unique interpretations of rock ní roll and even hip hop (cowboy-style). The Boys switch between guitars, fiddles, stand-up bass, harmonicas and accordion, all while supporting 3-part harmonies sweeter than the yellow rose of Texas. The trio involves the audience in everything from cowboy comedy sketches to moonlit prairie sing-alongs. Dressed in authentic cowboy regalia, the Kissimmee River Valley Boys have roped in audiences at TNN, Opryland, Busch Gardens, Sea World, and The Palomino. They have even sung the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium and The LA Forum. No two shows are ever the same, so make your brand the Kissimmee River Valley Boys.

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